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This ePrints repository is an online service developed as an archive for research material published by HR Wallingford's world-class staff. It includes peer-reviewed journal articles, published conference papers and research reports that have been produced both as a result of commissioned research and our self-funded research programme.

Our long-term goal is to create an Open Access repository providing free access to our full collection of published research outputs. As well as adding new material as it becomes available, we will add historical information where ever possible, with the aim of making it available to the widest possible audience.

Access to papers is completely free of charge (when possible) and does not require registration. We comply with copyright laws, and therefore not all papers are available here. Visitors may have to visit the publishers' website or contact their library to get hold of a copy of a paper they are interested in.

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About HR Wallingford

HR Wallingford carries out independent research and consultancy in civil engineering and environmental hydraulics. We provide our clients with innovative yet practical solutions to their problems. The quest for knowledge through a healthy research programme remains fundamental to our success, and keeps us at the leading edge in our field.
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