Tables for the hydraulic design of pipes, sewers and channels: 8th edition (2 volume set)

HR Wallingford, - and DIH Barr, - (2006) Tables for the hydraulic design of pipes, sewers and channels: 8th edition (2 volume set). Technical Report. Thomas Telford.

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For this new edition the system of increments of gradient have been modified to reduce the need for interpolation, now matching that of (Tables D). Continued from the Seventh edition are the results of new work on the assessment of roughness size in commercial pipes manufactured from materials currently utilised to give a smooth finish and on the assessment of additional losses at bends in such pipes. Volume 2 uses a newer, alternative, route to support the application of the unit size method. For this route, Manning equation tables (Tables D) act also as a carrier for obtaining solution of the Colebrook-White Equation when combined with (Tables E). For Volume II of the Seventh edition, the Manning equation tables were redone reducing the increment in gradient between entries to ease interpolation. This is continued here. As before the coverage of discharges continues into the order of scale of continental rivers. In Volume II a wide range of conduit and channel shapes is covered by tables of properties based on unit size, with key examples of these tables also included in Volume I. This gives illustration of solutions supported by the established form of Colebrook-White tables, as is possible for most conduits and smaller channels when the two volumes are used in conjunction. In both volumes the tables of unit properties provide aid for both gradually varied and rapidly varied flow problems. Also, there is more detailed coverage of the possible effects of variation in water temperature within the normal water resources and drainage range of temperatures. Both volumes include a revised treatment of part-full flow in circular pipes and of the assessment of the effect of conduit shape on free-surface flow in general. Contents: Introductory survey, Review of hydraulic resistance, Application of the Colebrook-White equation in design and tabular displays of solutions. Volume 1: Circular section pipelines and sewers flowing full; Non-circular cross-sections of flow-general principles; Part-full circular pipes-proportional flow approach; Non-circular cross-sections of flow-general approach; Illustrations of the basic procedures; Obtaining adjusted solutions as appropriate; Configuration modified measures of surface resistance; Other sources of resistance; Checks on mean velocity; Reynolds number and Froude number; Viscosities other than that of water at 15° C; critical depth and critical discharge, gradually varied flow of prismatic channels, rapidly varied flow, Review, References, Nomenclature, Appendices, Tables of Colebrook- White solutions (Tables A1-A58), Tables of proportioning exponents (Tables B), Tables of properties of unit sections (Tables C), Annexure. Volume II: A condensed tabular system for Colebrook-White Solutions; Tables of properties of unit sections (Tables C); Circular section pipelines and sewers flowing full, Non-circular cross-sections of flow-General principles, Partfull circular pipes pipes-proportional flow approach, Non-circular cross-sections of flow-general approach, illustration of basic procedures, basic solutions for trapezoidal open channel, Obtaining adjusted solutions for the preceding examples as appropriate, configuration modified measures of surface resistance, Basic Manning-Williamson solutions, other sources of resistance, Checks on mean velocity, Reynolds number and Froude number; Viscosities other than that of water at 15° C, Critical depth and critical discharge; use of tables with data from natural channels; gradually varied flow in prismatic channels, Rapidly varied flow, Review, References, Nomenclature, Appendices, Tables of the properties of unit sections, with separate proportional discharge table for circular pipes only (Tables C), Values of mV and m Q deriving from the Manning equation (Tables D) and Values of mc deriving from Colebrook-White equation in conjunction with the Manning equation, and the Velocity ration V r(0.50) for half-fill flows in circular pipes (Tables E), Annexure.

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